APAC Principal Strategic Development Manager

Category: Business Development
Job ID: BUS000000B4
Location: Singapore,
Posted Date: April 20, 2017
Job Description

The APAC Principal Strategic Development Manager formulates strategic plans including development of strategic objectives and associated strategies and action plans based on fact based analysis of the market environment. Identifies, analyzes and recommends acquisition candidates to executive leadership team. The position is responsible for:
* Support CS and GS Business Units in developing APAC Strategies to Accelerate the growth of Business Units products
o Analyze APAC market trends to identify potential future CS and GS Business Units growth areas
o Develop APAC strategies for CS and GS Business Units portfolios
o Ensure alignment and strong linkages with CS and GS Business Unit Strategies and VPGM teams
o Collaborate with the APAC Sales and Marketing team to develop long term Aftermarket strategies
o Collaborate with the CS and GS Business Units LCVSM, CS and GS Business Units Sales and Marketing team and MDs to develop strategies to capture OEM positions
o Continually look for opportunities to accelerate the sale of CS and GS Business Units products in region
o Work with LCVSMs, MDs and Sales and marketing teams to execute strategies
* Support IMS to develop strategies across APAC
o Assist IMS BU to analyze market trends in APAC to identify potential IMS future growth areas
o Support IMS to develop APAC strategies for the:
 Communications and Air Networks portfolio
 Airports portfolio
 Business Jet and Government aviation portfolios
 Rail and Security portfolio, and
 Strategic Programs portfolio
o Maintain strong linkages with the IMS Strategy and BU teams
o Work with IMS VPGMs and their teams to identify local partners to support the execution of APAC IMS strategies
o Create linkages between IMS and APAC MDs
o Work with IMS VPGMs and APAC MDs to execute strategies
* Support the transition of B/E Aerospace into APAC
o Work with I&SS VP Strategy and the BE Aerospace team to transition the BE Aerospace business into APAC
o Identify synergies between BE Aerospace and APAC Business
o Support the development of BE Aerospace strategies in APAC
* Mergers and Acquisitions
o Responsible for the Merger and Acquisition process in APAC
o Identify and recommend potential acquisitions for CS, GS and IMS in APAC
o Work with Corporate Strategy and BU teams to analyze potential acquisitions
o Lead all acquisitions from the regional perspective and participate as a member of the broader acquisition team
o Liaise with senior executives of potential acquisition targets
o Support the transition of all acquisitions into the RC APAC business
Personal Attributes
o Highly developed analytical, reasoning and strategic appreciation skills
o Ability to find common ground and achieve buy-in among stakeholders who have disparate views and agendas
o Ability to challenge the status quo
o Ability to challenge his/her own and others’ assumptions and encourage divergent points of view
o Ability to interpret rather than reflexively seeing or hearing what he or she expects
o Ability to make informed decisions without all the information
o Ability to synthesize complex issues and problems into clear and actionable strategies
o Ability to focus on the root causes of problems rather than the symptoms
o Ability to anticipate

Key Relationships
Internal: Corporate Strategy, CS, GS, IMS and B/E Aerospace Strategy and Portfolio teams, I&SS strategy team, APAC VPMD, APAC Strategy Director, APAC MDs, APAC Sales and Marketing teams
External: Key Government stakeholders, Key customers, Key partners, Key Executives from potential acquisition companies


o At least 5-10 years’ experience in product line, marketing or strategy roles
o Knowledge of CS/GS and IMS products and strategies
o Experience in analyzing market trends and developing product and portfolio strategies
o Led M&A activities, including identification, analysis, due diligence and transition.
o Worked in a highly matrixed organization where leadership through influence and negotiation are essential
o Proven track record to build relationships across organizational boundaries